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How to Videos

Here is a link to our How To Videos Playlist on Youtube, it should match the links below (just another way to see the same thing). https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1pg3r0sUytWah7CxAjVG0hADVNg53tBA 


How to Navigate our FAQ page   https://youtu.be/LIthJJapdAA

Abbreviated Order Process 3min  https://youtu.be/wQxDMyU1tTY 

How to make cropping of your images in Design Tool    https://youtu.be/op9jHhPFGHY 

The High Resolution toggle switch for viewing  full resolution of your photo   https://youtu.be/OpDYw9arSzw 

Uploading Multiple Images for multiple groups  https://youtu.be/Wy-SNjA9Tw0

How to use  New Reference Fields to keep track of your orders  https://youtu.be/YOJ54zQRLng 

Shipping Choices are moved to the Check Out screen    https://youtu.be/vjqqT5zLxMA

How to Upload Spreadsheets with addresses for Home Shipping orders   https://youtu.be/F7My7BYviYA 

How to make a Reorder for Additional photos after initial order   https://youtu.be/8GdxdHnQQgk 

Group Photo Composition https://youtu.be/co_NIT6PoOk 

Composition and Aspect Ratio to Fit photos to Template   https://youtu.be/YnJ8Go49LrE

Tips to save typing when ordering Cabin Photos https://youtu.be/RxW5r9l5V2c