Photo Baptism Certificate & Photo Baptism Prayer Cards

Photo Baptism Certificates (PBC) and Photo Baptism Prayer Cards (PBPC) are here to serve your ministry with high a quality product that serves as a tool in ministry and is very easy to order online. 

We have two offerings:

  • Photo Baptism Certificates (PBC)
  • Photo Baptism Prayer Cards (PBPC)

The PBC is a great way to give a gift to the new disciple after their baptism.

The PGPC is a way to share 8 small photos or more with your members so they can commit to lift up in prayer the new believer as they start their faith journey. The new believers will appreciate that 8 people are commiting to pray for the them.

How to Order Online

Photographic Baptism Certificate Package Content

How to Use Prayer Cards

Designed to be easy

Groupimaging Photos is commited to making the process of ordering a PBC and PBPC as easy as possible.  We have designed our online order process to be super easy for church staff to place orders.

  • Every Church has a custom template of their own that already has there static information on it:
    • Church Name
    • Logo (if desired)
    • Church Address (if desired)
    • Favorite Baptism Verse (if desired)
  • Only your login credentials will access your custom baptism template so only authorized staff can create certificates.
  • If you change your photo name before uploading to the syntax: John_Doe.jpg you wont have to type text as you upload your photos.  The John_Doe is grabbed and lands on the certificate page where the persons name goes and the date is also automatically pulled from the native information that is on all photographs today.
  • You can crop the photo online to zoom in if that makes a better aestheticly pleasing certificate

How it works

How to order:

  • Open the PBC template and add all of your photos to the left side of the page

  •  Drag any one of image thumbnails  from the left side of page into the area the photo goes and crop it to fit as you prefer.

  •  When all photos are placed in template and added to cart, you checkout just like you would any other shopping cart online.